2 Sweet Creative Projects That Need Funding — Now!

This book is an explosion of color, but it needs funding to exist in print.

Color makes me happy. Vibrant colors that shock the eyes … rainbows and beautiful Indian fabrics.

You might not know this if you haven’t seen the clothes I wear most days, or the bright, saturated walls in my apartment.

The idea that some people see music notes as colors is even more interesting. Musical synesthesia is the term for it, and it’s one of the topics discussed in a project that may not be allowed to flourish if it doesn’t receive funding soon.

The book is called Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music. You can find out more about it on its Kickstarter page. If you’re inspired, you can also make a donation by April 9,2011. The images are gorgeous, and the topic is a unique one.

Music is another thing I love, particularly concerts, so I’m all about this project. It would certainly look great amidst the madness that is my coffee table.

I found out about the project because I’ll soon be writing for a design magazine published by Alarm Press, which came up with this colorful creation.

And here’s another fabulous Kickstarter project in need of funding …

The Creatives Project in Atlanta

This project is one people in Atlanta can appreciate. Our creativity community is flourishing, but we can’t let it trail off. The Creatives Project focuses on art education, but they also help artists, throw awesome events and much more. They even want to put on a city-wide art stroll this year. But, yes, they need help too.

I interviewed the fabulous and sweet creator of this project (who is also an artist) in CommonCreativ. Go have a look and visit the TCP Kickstarter project. They need to reach their goal by April 6.

These are some creative projects that I believe in. Kickstarter is a wonderful tool that allows amazing things to happen. I’m hoping both receive backing in the next few days.

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