5 Recent freelance writing articles about health, nutrition and women’s topics

FabFitFunI’ve been writing for FabFitFun (a website about beauty, wellness, health, fitness and fashion) for a while now.

Below, you’ll find some of my latest articles related to health, nutrition, food and women’s topics.

  • 5 Smart Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. “When winter blows in with its chilly air and darker days, it can be easy to start feeling blah. Sometimes all we want to do is throw on cozy clothes and curl up on our couch wrapped in an electric blanket and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. Sounds nice, right?” Keep reading my article.
  • 5 Easy Tips That Will Make You Want to Start Eating Vegan Now. “After days of indulgence (think mugs of luscious eggnog and big, warm slices of pecan pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream), the time for new beginnings and new resolutions is here.” Keep reading my article.
  • 3 Aphrodisiacs To Help You Get Lucky. “V-Day may not be your favorite holiday, but it sure is a good excuse to be playful and have some sweet, sultry-sexy time. The use of aphrodisiac substances goes waaaaay back, but what will actually have you and your special someone stripping down and staring lustfully into each other’s eyes?” Keep reading my article.
  • How to Get the Most Kissable Lips. “Soft and gentle. Strong and passionate. Romantic and sizzlin’ hot! Kisses come in all shapes and sizes. And if you have a date night planned this V-day, we know a lot of lip locking will be involved. But no one wants to lock lips with someone whose lips are dry, cracked, and flaking. You crave soft, smooth, full, and attractive puckers. And — psssst! — we’ve got some secrets to share. Keep reading my article.
  • Try These Slimmed Down Comfort Foods. “Whether it’s a case of the Mondays, the dreary weather, or the fact that you can’t cuddle on the regular with Brad Pitt — reasons abound to feel a little down this time of year.While we understand and empathize with the desire to reach for that little blue box of mac and cheese or some other oh-so-unhealthy comfort food (buttery whipped potatoes, anyone?), typically these foods aren’t gonna do you any (real) favors.” Keep reading my article.

As a freelance writer, I love being able to learn new things and write about a variety of topics. Thanks for reading, and if you need a freelance writer, let’s chat!

Lindsay Oberst is a writer, journalist and editor. She writes about arts, culture, design, literary, digital media, technology, social good, health, business, marketing and sustainability. She also writes fiction and poetry.

Find her on Twitter @LindsayOWrite and @LindsayOAtlanta.
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  1. Robert Brown says:

    Hi Lindsay

    I saw you do freelance work on one of the Food revolution blogs.

    I need to get the McCarrison site finished and some of the sections need some starting content. The developers are still doing work but I think they know I need to get content on there before it can go live, so it is probably not at the top of their list.

    I can give you content to draw from.

    I have too much to do at the moment, including a 45000 word submission for a Springer book to finish, to give the task the time it needs.

    If you are not superbusy may be it would be of interest. We could agree something to fit to what I can afford.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Lindsay!

    I read your article on One Green Planet about grains and loved it. I would like to have permission to repost it and any other content you might feel is relevant to a website I am building and going to launch in December.

    The site will be open for about a week, while I am securing and confirming contributors. Let me know if you would be interested.



  3. Lindsay Oberst says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for contacting me. If you’re still interested in the possibility of working with me, please email me at lindsayoberst@gmail.com.

  4. Lindsay Oberst says:

    Hi Leya,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation on my work and for contacting me. I’m potentially open to this idea. Can you please contact me by email and we can discuss this further? My email is lindsayoberst@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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