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My Plan for Longshot Magazine 2011

Longshot Magazine is this awesome print magazine that is made in 48 hours. Submissions open Friday July 29 for 24 hours and I plan to submit. If you want to know more about this project, read my post on my writing blog, which includes submission tips. If you’re Continue Reading →

Yarn Bombing: Helping Us Engage With Our World

Yarn bombing in Atlanta, Ga. Engagement is something that’s talked about a lot in the social media community. But what about in real life? How engaged are we with our surroundings? A few years ago, we zipped around connected to our iPods and now we’ve Continue Reading →

2 Sweet Creative Projects That Need Funding — Now!

This book is an explosion of color, but it needs funding to exist in print. Color makes me happy. Vibrant colors that shock the eyes … rainbows and beautiful Indian fabrics. You might not know this if you haven’t seen the clothes I wear most days, Continue Reading →