Editing, E-Books and Whoa-Worthy Art [5 Interesting Things I Learned]

A photo I took at a bookstore in Atlanta.

I write, research, read and think about art, culture, literary topics, social media, journalism, the environment and things that do good for people and our world. The following are five things I learned last week. Maybe they’ll help or inform you.

  1. Video editing is hard. I’ve done minor video editing in the past, so I know this to be true, however, I made a video resume and encountered several problems along the way. I used a program called Camtasia, which is a great program. It’s not free, but I used the trial version. Considering I may be making more tutorials in the future, I may eventually purchase this program. I have mad respect for video editors and hope to further my own skills in this area.

  3. I really love taking photos and need to take more. I wrote my first article for Patch. I also got to take photos for the story. I enjoy capturing people and moments and photo editing too.

  5. WHOA magazine is amazing. They write about art and music topics and people that are shocking, such as nude photography and street art. Soon they will also be found in Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. I may get to write for them soon. Until then, I’ll be keeping up with the website and telling people about it.

  7. Bookstores sell e-books. OK, this makes sense, and it is hard for bookstores to make money these days, so it’s a smart decision. Still, I would not think to go to an actual bookstore to find an e-book. Since I want to support my local community, I might now though. I realized this while writing a story for CommonCreativ Atlanta about local indie bookstores. The story will be out in the next issue of the digital magazine.

  9. Writers can be happy. Writing is a difficult and confusing thing to do at times. Writers are known to be depressed, but does this have to be the case? This is a theme I am exploring on my blog Word Zeal. My last post sheds some light on my investigations. It’s a good read about writers and happiness.

Thanks for reading. More lessons next week.


  1. Camtasia
  2. WHOA Magazine

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