Flash Fiction Story Published by Write Club Atlanta

christmas flash fiction story

Click the image to read my flash fiction story, "Sans Santa Claus."

Write Club Atlanta published a holiday-themed flash fiction story of mine in December. You’re surely over the whole holiday thing by now, but my story is called “Sans Santa Claus,” which should clue you in that this story was written from a scrooge prompt—Christmas is certainly not among my favorite things.

I’ve been working on some other short fiction and continuing my novel that I began in November. But writing has been extremely hard, and it’s worse than having your teeth pulled by a doctor who doesn’t believe that you’re immune to laughing gas. Ughhh. My hope is to keep writing and writing though because I plan to get many more things published in 2012: poetry, fiction and journalism writing that I enjoy and am proud to call my own.

Lindsay Oberst is a writer, journalist and editor. She writes about arts, culture, design, literary, digital media, technology, social good, health, business, marketing and sustainability. She also writes fiction and poetry.

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