Here is what people had to say about me, my work and my writing.

About my freelance writing for Jezebel Magazine.

“You’re amazing!!! Seriously. Thank you!!”

— Kelsey Bjelland, managing editor

About my writing for Socialbrite.org.

“I’ve worked with Lindsay for the past two years and have been impressed with her skills in a variety of areas: writing, journalism, asking the right questions, and bringing in an article on time and with a smart angle. Lindsay has been a pleasure to work with and I’d heartily recommend getting to know her, collaborating with her and seeing her fine work.”

JD Lasica, journalist and creator of Socialbrite.org.

And also: Another comment after receiving my article.

“Wonderful, comprehensive, well-done, Lindsay!”

About my work ghostwriting and managing the blog and social media for an executive business coaching company.

“I hired Lindsay to write for my blog as well as tweet on topics that were being focused on in the blog. She brought some great ideas to the blog which we incorporated. She is very creative and can research topics she has no background on to develop fresh content. She is a resource I miss having.”

About my editing and writing for a publication for creatives in Atlanta.

“Lindsay [Oberst] is one of the most dependable people I’ve ever worked with, and she’s truly passionate about what she does. A great writer, with good research skills, she’s a valuable member of the CommonCreativ team.”

Maria Stephens, the executive editor.

About my blog writing for a marketing company.

“XXX took a look at the post your wrote and thought it was awesome! He loved your style and tone and didnt think any revisions would need to be made.”

About my blog editing and copy consulting for a client who is an interior designer and has a blog about interior design.

“I’ve hired Lindsay Oberst to edit my articles, and it’s a genuine pleasure to work with her. She is very reliable and she truly cares about what she is writing or editing. You can tell that she loves what she does. She goes beyond just editing by suggesting ideas and giving advice on how to write better. She is enthusiastic and responsible and she gives great copy and edits. If you hire her you won’t be disappointed. My articles are ten times better after she goes through them.”

— Christine Tse of Christine Tse Interiors

About my editing for a science fiction novel.

“I’m just sending you a few more chapters of xxx because you did such an amazing job editing the first two … Thanks!”

— Davy Minor, writer