HopeMob: A Mob of Strangers for Good

What if people came together through viral social media campaigns to help people in need?

That’s the question Shaun King wanted to answer by creating something called HopeMob. Now that his idea exists, the power of strangers coming together is clear. Every day, people are bringing hope and helping many good causes—from helping a kid beat cancer to raising awareness for an excellent poverty documentary.

HopeMob launched in March 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and already, it has many success stories. Here’s how it works: they highlight one featured story at a time until it reaches its goal, and the community votes on which stories get highlighted.

When people see other people participating, they want to take part themselves. And, increasingly, people are demanding that their donations and aid go to causes and people, not systems or bureaucracies. With HopeMob, people can clearly see the impact of their efforts and money. People are bringing hope to those in need in a way that makes them feel as if they are part of something special.

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People to talk to:

  • Shaun King, the creator of this project.
  • People who have been part of the HopeMob.