3 Interesting Questions About Digital Media June 2011

I write, research, read and think about art, culture, literary topics, social media, journalism, the environment and things that do good for people and our world. The following are three interesting things:

filter bubble

Our web experience: contained in a bubble.


Digital media June 2011 edition

  1. The existence of filter bubbles that surround our personal web experience. Internet algorithms are creating a web that is too personal. The same search is different for every user. (If we both searched the phrase “strange,” we’d see different results.)
    Is the web becoming too personal?
  2. Many people enjoy experiencing the Internet like a magazine, according to a NY Times article. See an example of a digital magazine that looks like a regular magazine.
    Is presenting content like a magazine a good way to view content? Or is there a better way? Why do people like this format?
  3. Our level of Internet use is not sustainable. This Social Media Explorer Article argues that we will spend less time online people will consume less but better content.
    How can we create and find the most creative, exciting, useful, inspiring and beautiful content on the web?

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