Published Fiction and Poetry

Flash Fiction
Short Stories
Awards / Mentions


Silver Birch Press

  1. Waiting Is Wings (2014)

PANK Magazine

  1. Nakedness (2013)

The Found Poetry Review

    1. Lie Down, Sleep (2014)

Every Day Poets

      1. Winter Rhythm (2010)

Stranger Than

      1. Valentine’s Day Ghost Party, Atlanta (2010)

Word Zeal

      1. The Tune This Weather (a new media poem) (2010)

Flash Fiction

Write Club Atlanta

      1. Sans Santa Claus (2011)

Six Sentences – The Love Book

      1. Emotional Programming (2010)

Best of Friday Flash Fiction – Volume 1

      1. Loss Aversion (2010)

Awards / Mentions

    1. 3rd place in the Easterday poetry high school poetry contest.  (2009) Read my poem.
    2. Flash Fiction Chronicles

      Semi-Finalist in the Flash Fiction Contest (2011)
      for my story “Secretly Sexual: A Story of Change and Denial” (working title)