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The following are a sample of the articles I’ve written in newspapers, magazines and online publications. If you don’t know, Lindsay Oberst (that’s me) is a freelance writer living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Blogs / Digital Magazines


FabFitFun gives readers the latest and greatest in beauty, wellness, health, fitness and fashion — everything a woman needs to feel good from the inside out.

  1. 10 Food Myths You’ve Been Buying Into -2014
  2. The Truth About Plastic Water Bottles – 2014
  3. 10 Healthy Smoothies Sans the Sugar – 2014
  4. 13 Steps to Staying Worry Free This Holiday Season – 2013

One Green Planet

An online guide to helping people make better choices for people, animals and the planet.

  1. 7 Foods That Deserve Health Warning Labels – 2014
  2. How Much Protein Do You Really Need? – 2013
  3. Sprouted Grains: Are They A Healthy Choice? – 2013
  4. Is Going Grain Free Better For Your Health? – 2013


A website that helps you work better.

  1. Hootsuite’s New Smart Scheduling Feature vs Buffer and Timely – 2012
  2. Social Media Tools I Use for Self-Marketing And Promotion As A Freelancer – 2012
  3. How I Organize My Gmail And Get My Inbox to Zero – 2012
  4. The Best Tools for Freelancers to Edit and Mark-Up Documents using Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and iPad – 2012

Center for Sustainable Journalism Blog

A center which promotes and incubates ideas, research and new projects aimed at producing sustainable, high quality, ethical journalism. I wrote for the blog several times per month about journalism, social media and the present and future of journalism.

  1. Should Journalists Use Facebook as a Journalism Tool? – 2011
  2. Journalists and Quora: An Update – 2011
  3. 15 Free Ways Journalists Use Social Media Tools to Track Topics – 2011
  4. Why A Journalist Should Not Use Google Voice – 2011
  5. 11 Journalism Jobs You May Hold in the Future – 2011
    — This post got several hundred mentions on Twitter and several thousand clicks. And it was translated into Portugese. In two weeks.
  6. How Journalists Can Celebrate National Novel Writing Month – 2011

CommonCreativ Atlanta

A print and online publication for creatives in Atlanta. I served as the digital media editor and the arts editor, and I researched, interviewed people and wrote features, blog posts and Q&As.

  1. Q & A with Artist + Designer Yokoo Gibraan – 2013
  2. Happy Geography – 2011 – magazine
  3. Ola Bad: A Street Artist for Good – 2011 – magazine
  4. How to Write A Novel in 30 Days – 2010— blog
    1. (PDF of this article, doesn’t prompt download)
  5. Preview the Top 50: The Power of Candy-Coated Sirens- 2010 — blog
  6. Facial Hair As Art: Crafting An Emotional Response – 2010 — blog and magazine


A culture blog. I wrote about art and culture for Atlanta and nationally.

  1. Valentine’s Day Flowers — Fair Trade and Delivered with Next-Day Shipping – 2011
    1. (PDF of this article, doesn’t prompt download)
  2. Atlanta Literary Event, A Night of Literary Heresy, Dec. 16 – Do Not Miss This – 2010
  3. Atlanta’s ‘Street Thug of the Pastry World’ Named One of Best Donuts in America – Sublime Doughnuts – 2010
  4. Movember – When Men and Mo Sistas Worldwide Stop Shaving to Raise Awareness of Men’s Health – 2010
    1. Atlanta Sustainability Week Oct. 25-29: 5 Things This Means for Citizens – 2010
      1. (PDF of this article, doesn’t prompt download), a leading website for nonprofits about social media

I am a senior writer for this online publication where I research, interview sources and write about social media for nonprofits.

  1. 8 tools to help you fundraise for a cause – 2013
  2. 6 business reasons for nonprofits to publish a magazine – 2012
  3. On-demand magazine publishing, simple & cheap – 2012
  4. B Corporations: What do they mean for nonprofits? – 2011
  5. How nonprofits can use crowdsourcing to work smarter and save money – 2011
  6. Part 1: How to find amazing, powerful stories for your nonprofit videos – 2011
  7. Part 2: 16 tips for making video interviews come alive – 2011

Environmental Graffiti

I wrote well-researched, interesting articles about the environment and found accompanying creative commons photos.

  1. Vitaminwater Not Nearly As Good For You As You Think – 2010
  2. 10 Most Amazing Natural Fireworks on Earth – 2010
  3. Hippo Sweat: Nature’s Most Powerful Sunscreen – 2010
  4. How to Make Natural Ice Cream at Home – 2010

North Georgia Leisure

I served as the editor of this online life and culture magazine. I also wrote for this online publication.

  1. Erica Nicole – A True Southern Star from Atlanta – 2010

Word Zeal — my writing blog for writers

This is my writing blog to help writers survive the difficult writing life, to celebrate words and to explore the future of words.

  1. Here’s How to Use Your Words to Help Japan – 2011
  2. Words Have the Power to Save Lives – 2011

Print Newspapers

Morgan County Citizen

An award-winning newspaper for Morgan County in Georgia. I served as a staff writer, writing news and feature stories and taking photographs.

  1. Telling tales through jewelry – 2009
    —”Tucked away in a closet-style room of the family business of Sartoria Monica, a 79-year-old artisan from Ecuador named Cesar Culqui is humble as pie, but full of stories normally only revealed through his jewelry.”
  2. Antebellum Pilgrimage stops in county – 2009
    — “Re-discover an era whisked away by the winds of time and overshadowed by everyday life, an era that serves as a foundation to the traditions of today.”
  3. Checking out the library – 2009
    — “In a building not renovated in over 20 years, library usage is only increasing as the economy sputters and dips to lower levels.”

The Red & Black, the student newspaper at The University of Georgia

I wrote for the art and culture section of UGA’s student newspaper.

  1. Thinking caps required for intellectual comedy – 2008
    — “Ah, a play. A romping, theatrical, fun-filled time when actors delight their audiences with dramatic dialogue and punchy tunes.” An article about a theater show.
  2. One-man show extends ‘tremendous energy’ – 2008
    — “One might think Athens Boys Choir would sound like smiling boys in matching robes, crooning in harmony. But Katz, the only member, is far from it.” An article about a transsexual artist.
  3. Dueling columnists: anti-’Twilight’- 2008
    — “I don’t reject all romance, but when I read, I want a story with the power to endure.” A column about Twilight.
  4. The Manhattan Short Film Festival – 2008
    — “Sit back in a cinema-style chair and picture this: It’s 1996 and a young actor from Australia is watching his student film being shown on a large screen during his graduation ceremony at one of the top acting schools in New York City.” An article about a short film festival.
  5. Iron-sculpting invitational sparks nationwide interest – 2008
    — “When lustrous and silvery soft iron, burning brightly at 2,800 degrees, comes in contact with water, the reaction is explosive.” An article about an art event.
  6. Can’t tame ‘em: Twin Tigers’ tunes like ‘bear mace to the face’ – 2008
    — “Even though Twin Tigers sometimes refers to itself as a shoegaze band, the four members will not be caught staring at their sneaker selection.” An article about a band.

Creative Loafing – Atlanta

I interned for this publication and, later, contributed freelance articles.

  1. Freedom Park gets yarn bombed – 2011
    —”On Elizabeth Street in Inman Park, cozy-looking multicolored yarn hugs a pole with a sign gently warning “Butterfly Crossing.”
  2. Grocery shopping on a budget- 2008
    — “Oodles of Ramen noodles. Leftover pepperoni pizza. Hot Pockets. Just the thing college students crave but should probably avoid.”

Online News

One Green Planet

An online guide to helping people make better choices for people, animals and the planet.

  1. Trans Fat Ban May Boost U.S. Use of Unsustainable Palm Oil – 2013
  2. Is Soylent — the Hot New Startup —the Future of Food? Is It Healthy? – 2013


I researched, interviewed sources and wrote articles for the East Atlanta and the Midtown Atlanta sections of this online news publication.

  1. It’s an East Atlanta Eggstravaganza – 2011 Article and photos by me.
    — An article about an Easter egg hunt at an East Atlanta park.
  2. Shhhhh! 25 Hours of Silence for A Purpose – 2011 Article and photos by me.
    — An article about an Invisible Children event in Midtown Atlanta. This group is raising awareness of a 25-year war in Africa.
  3. Think Globally: Fair Trade and Sustainable Options in Atlanta – 2011 Article and photos by me.
    — Exploring fair trade and sustainable options in Atlanta for World Fair Trade Day.
  4. A Global D.I.Y. Movement to Make People Happy Will Drop in Freedom Park this Saturday – 2011 Article and photos by me.
    —On June 11—World Wide Knit in Public Day and International Yarn Bombing Day—a public display of yarn will challenge people’s beliefs about knitting.
  5. World-Class AIDS Care at Ponce de Leon Center – 2011
    —Profile about a AIDS center in Midtown Atlanta that is the largest single HIV clinic in the Southeast.
  6. Bookstores are Struggling; Reading is Surviving – 2011
    —A feature about the closing of bookstores in Midtown, Atlanta and what this means.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange –

I write news briefs and research, interview sources and write news and feature stories for this publication about juvenile justice.

  1. Q&A With the Anti-Bully Coach and A Primer for Tuesday’s Webinar – 2011
  2. A Farewell to Piri Thomas, One-time Criminal Who Became A Youth and Peace Advocate – 2011


    1. Deodorant and Antiperspirants Bad? More Americans Are Choosing Not to Wear Them – 2010
    2. Food Recall Again – Costco Issues Warning in Five States – Is Raw Milk Cheese Safe? – 2010
    3. Contraceptive Cream – A New Birth Control Method With No Side Effects – 2010
    4. On Longevity: Humans Really Can Live Forever, Plus Why Women Live Longer Than Men
    5. Smell Marketing A Growing Trend – America Gets Its First Scented Billboards – 2010

Print Magazines

Design Bureau

A print magazine and blog about design.

      1. It’s Not Sustainable, It’s Just Design – 2011

Jezebel Magazine

    1. Farm to Food Truck (healthy food trucks in Atlanta, Ga.) – 2012
      1. Farm to Food Truck (PDF, no download required)

Inkspill Magazine

      1. Book vs Film- Watership Down – 2010


The student-run magazine at The University of Georgia.

    1. One Less? Giving More Thought To HPV – 2008
      — “As you relax with friends, watching the latest drama-packed episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the commercial break begins, and you hear the words, “You could be one less.” Among the fast-paced car ads and sensory food pleas, this commercial, with skipping children and apparently troubled women, does not cause you much concern. Even the mention of the life-threatening infection human papillomavirus fails to distract your attention. But should it?”

Books and Other Projects

I-LEAD nonprofit publication

  1. Homestead Atlanta — Center for Sustainable Skills – 2013
    — “Homesteading—leading a lifestyle towards self-sufficiency—is something that manypeople, often in rural areas, practice out of necessity and that others, many of themurbanites, are taking up, as uncertainty in society grows, in order to bring a sense of connection and community back into their lives. This is true in Atlanta, Ga., where citydwellers spend most of their days in cars and buildings surrounded by smog, and inmany places across the United States. Homesteading practices mean a range of thingsincluding but not limited to making your own soap, canning your own food and raisingyour own chickens.”