Where I write (a Q&A with me)

Lindsay Oberst photoA big thank you to Kristin Offiler, a freelance and creative writer who I met online. She has a wonderful series on her blog about where writers write. A few weeks ago she featured me.

Here is her first question, but you should stop by her blog and read the whole Q&A.

What is your writing space like? 

I live in a small apartment in the middle of Atlanta, so I don’t have enough space to have an area only for writing. However, my love of writing spills itself throughout my rooms in the form of books, magazines and other bits of paper with words on them. When I look around at all the words, I am inspired to write my own.

I usually write in one of two places in my living room: on a small table covered in colorful Indian fabric next to my turquoise futon or standing up with my laptop on top of my bright blue bookshelf. I don’t have a desk or a bigger table. When I’m working from home (and not opting to work from a nearby coffee shop, which I often do), I usually stand up while I use my laptop. When I’m writing longer pieces, or writing creatively, I sit down and type instead. I also have plenty of paper and notebooks laying around for when I want to write by hand.

While I’m writing during the day, I like opening my blinds a few inches to let in enough light to warm the place without tempting me to go outside. But my favorite time to write is at night when I often can’t sleep because my head spins with endless ideas.

Also, if you’re a writer interested in sharing your space, email Kristin at kristinoffilerwrites@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.

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