Will More Businesses Do Good in the Future?

Younger generations want to be more involved and improve their world, and good companies outperform other companies according to research, so can we expect more businesses in the future to create sustainable solutions to real-world problems while also making money?

Young people want a better future

According to Net Impact’s recent Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012, the Millennial generation wants and expects, to do good and do well in their paid work. This generation is better informed, and many of them realize that they are the ones who must solve the world’s problems. Now, young people say they want to be social entrepreneurs. They say they want to make a difference. They say change can occur. And they are making an impact not only through social and digital media, but also in the real world. These young people mainly want jobs that align with their values over jobs that pay them more.

Companies that do good outperform other companies

The results of the Good Company Index, a ranking of Fortune 100 firms regarding their records as employers, sellers and stewards of society and the planet, show that worthiness pays off. Companies who also did good work outperformed other companies by almost 20 percent in a 12-month period.

The traditional view of business is that the sole purpose is to make money, but this idea is changing.

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